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Five trends of vacuum cleaner development
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Washing clothes, cooking and cleaning are the three things that people dislike the most. However, people can buy washing machines if they don't like washing clothes, and order takeaway if they don't like cooking. However, they don't like cleaning.

As an intelligent cleaning method, sweeping robot is in a rapid development period. More intelligent and convenient is the future development direction. And vacuum cleaners? Although in the domestic market penetration rate is low, but the appearance of vacuum cleaners has been more than 100 years of history.

A hundred years ago, people used compressed air to blow dust into a container. Booth in England thought that this method was not very clever, and he did the opposite. In August 1901, booth applied for a patent for the vacuum cleaner, which was the earliest prototype of vacuum cleaner in the world.

Early manual vacuum cleaners

The product, which predates booth's vacuum and can absorb dirt and grime from the ground, was a carpet sweeper, which was difficult to sell because of its bulky equipment and clumsy operation.

In 1898, is applied to vacuum cleaner in booth a few years ago, in st Louis, Missouri, when John s. Thurman presented a "pneumatic carpet restorer" patent, this is a gasoline-powered cleaner, which USES the principle of the compressed air dust will be sucked into a container, but the volume is too big, can only provide door-to-door service, every time the fee is $4.

Early commercial vacuum cleaners

With the development of The Times, large vacuum cleaners can no longer meet people's needs, so a portable vacuum cleaner came into being, relieving the embarrassment of bulky vacuum cleaners. In 1905, walter Griffith of Birmingham, England, replaced the oil-powered vacuum cleaner and invented the power-powered vacuum cleaner, whose portability and easy storage could be operated by any ordinary person.

Early electric vacuum cleaners

It wasn't until 1926, when the first upright vacuum cleaner was introduced, that Sweden's axel wenngren introduced the innovative v-shaped machine, which was designed to sit on two thin metal slides on the floor. This innovation became the standard feature of future generations of vacuum cleaners and the standard course of modern vacuum cleaners.

After a hundred years of development, today's vacuum cleaner has a variety of forms, and the domestic vacuum cleaner industry is also in a booming period of development. As a category of small household appliances, vacuum cleaners have a low domestic penetration rate and huge market potential, so they attract many domestic and foreign brands and take root in the Chinese market. In such a hot market, how should vacuum cleaners develop?

Before I talk about development, I want to emphasize one thing first, because of the appearance of sweeping robot, many people think that sweeping robot will replace vacuum cleaner, is it really true? I don't think it's going to happen, not yet. Reasons: 1. The sweeper robot can clean the ground independently, but what about above the ground? And vacuum cleaners; 2, sweeping machine on the ground light and light dust cleaning effect is good, and even for stubborn stains repeatedly, may not be able to absorb clean. For hair, small paper scraps, particles can be easily swept clean, but in the face of large particles, large paper scraps are somewhat powerless. 3, more than 150 years of vacuum cleaner has not replaced more than 4,000 years of broom, 19 years of cleaning robot can overturn more than 150 years of vacuum cleaner and more than 4,000 years of broom.

So, what's the future of the century-old vacuum cleaner?

Wireline exits historical arena wireless dominates the world

"Wireless your infinite", this is Intel to promote laptop wireless network technology advertising language, after many years, wireless has become efficient, convenient synonym, especially vacuum cleaner industry has set off the "wireless" boom.

Why do wireless vacuum cleaners fire? 1, wireless efficient, convenient instead of the broom, wired vacuum cleaners tired and clumsy; 2. Although the sweeper can solve many cleaning problems, the areas above the ground still need to be solved by vacuum cleaner; 3. The middle class becomes the main force of consumption, and more people hope to be liberated from the heavy ground cleaning. From January to November 2018, retail sales of wirelessly charged vacuum cleaners accounted for 76.4 percent, up 5.1 percent year-on-year, according to ovi.com. As you can see, the penetration rate of wireless vacuum cleaners is increasing rapidly.

The battery life continues to extend and the cleaning of the whole house becomes easier and easier

Wireless is undoubtedly convenient, but its battery life is poking fun at the point of many users, and then take dyson, 20 minutes from the V6 cleaner to V8 vacuum cleaner range 40 minutes, until now the V10 cleaner last 60 minutes, has been all over his life, the use of such pain points better solution to move the heart of the consumer, in addition to the technology upgrade additional throw in a spare battery, rotation is used, is also a good solution.

Diversified use scenarios and functions

Go up but ceiling, below but bed bottom, aperture, this is the convenient of wireless vacuum cleaner, as a result of the complexity of the environment that occupy the home, besides the ground sweeps, mattess, corner, beyond bed bottom, aperture, ceiling, surface of home appliance is same and easy to accumulate dust, can change consequently many suction head vacuum cleaner thorough popular feeling. In the past, the single car vacuum cleaner, mite removal instrument, short hand-held features, now a machine can be done, it may be said to save money and effort, so the future wireless vacuum cleaner will suction head become more, instead of car vacuum cleaner, mite removal instrument.

Sweeping function expanded from "suck" to "drag"

Of the robot is from the beginning of the development process of the development of absorption to drag, which conforms to the drag of China after the first sweep clean habit, and so the vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner to mop, no longer limited to vacuuming the single function, more help to the user's daily use, at present, supor, philips has seen such can drag suction, cleaner products, "mop" hands also presses for liberation.

The design is simple and light

Body slimming, design of modern simplicity, science and technology is the current design direction of push-rod and vertical vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaner's visual effect, often becomes the consumer to buy or not the key factor. In addition, the motor speed of the core components of the motor, dust and gas separation technology, sealing effect of the product, duct design, filtration capacity of the filter material, directly related to the product cleaning effect and long-term performance.

The development of vacuum cleaner in my opinion is a beautiful scenery line, manual cleaning, from the beginning to the mara type vacuum cleaner, the portable vacuum cleaner, all is explaining its potential of development, and maybe you at the earliest marla type vacuum cleaner but formal because the previous practice has convenient cleaner products, now the future cleaner product also will continue to "move on", in a vacuum cleaner future fierce market competition environment, believe that there will be a better product going into the households.

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