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Domestic brand power
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For vacuum cleaner market, domestic, though developing rapidly, but is still in the popularization and development stage, the global vacuum cleaner sales in Europe and the United States area proportion is as high as 63%, while only 11% in China, it is because the penetration rate is low, so there's still a lot of domestic vacuum cleaner market prospect, and this year, the domestic brands lake, tian qi qi, such as big suction more intelligent products into the market, domestic vacuum cleaner is rising rapidly.

I. overview of the development of Chinese vacuum cleaner market in Q1 2019

(1) annual review

The gap between domestic brand technology iteration and foreign brand narrowing

Because of foreign brands in the field of vacuum cleaner research and development, brand with a long time, represented by dyson cleaner after entering China's high-end vacuum cleaner has a monopoly market, but from the perspective of the market analysis of 2019 Q1, shrinking foreign brand vacuum cleaner market advantage, represented by lake, add to a large number of Chinese vacuum cleaner brand is catching up, poised in the future.

Lake launched a new generation of magic clean M12 vacuum cleaner, become the new benchmark of vacuum cleaner, add can launch the vacuum cleaner that can think, whether it is suction, battery life or intelligent degree, domestic vacuum cleaner technology has been greatly upgraded. Now the vacuum cleaner industry, finally a group of long-term vision of enterprises to increase the research and development efforts, whether lake's focus on vacuum cleaner research and development for more than 20 years of established enterprises, or tianke this with its own black technology, are exploring the limits of the vacuum cleaner.

Analysis on the structure of Chinese vacuum cleaner market in 2019 Q1

(I) brand structure of Chinese vacuum cleaner market in Q1 2019

1. Brand attention proportion distribution in 2019 Q1 Chinese vacuum cleaner market

In vacuum cleaner attention proportion, topped the lake, accounted for 20.2%, tian second, accounted for 19.6%, dyson ranks third, accounted for 18.6%, dyson leading advantage has not before, but the Chinese brand occupy the position of the first, second, lake, add to, dyson has released new products during this time, from the point of focus on proportion, lake, add to, dyson has won the user's recognition, but laker and tian's products have poised.

In the fourth and fifth place are posanick and kaher. Both brands have launched new products during this period, and the attention of new products increases the attention of the brand. Of course, the premise is that your products are recognized by more users.

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